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I'm Nichole, photographer, mother and seeker of life's precious moments in phoenix, arizona

Welcome, i'm Nichole!

Becoming a mother is something I dreamed of being my whole life. I thank God every day for bringing me my husband to create the life I always envisioned.

Although parenting isn't always easy, I cherish each stage of life we're in. I know time is a thief and it pains me to think about them growing up. Since becoming a photographer, I have come to understand the importance of timeless photographs and creating beautiful artwork to display in my home to show how I proud I am of the family my husband and I built together. 

I moved to Phoenix, Arizona during the summer (what was I thinking?!?) of 2012 from Cleveland, Ohio. Soon after, I met my husband who I married in June 2015. After having two miscarriages, we had our first son Jordan in 2017, our second son Connor in 2019 and we just welcomed our third boy in 2021. He actually decided to join us on our 6th year anniversary!

Photography isn't my first career. I worked as a nurse up until my second son was born. I then made the decision to become a stay at home mom, which lead me to pick up my camera and finally learn how to use it! It quickly became a passion and I wanted to help other mothers capture these precious times in our lives.

I am also a birth doula! Since dedicating over 12 years to the medical field, I have always been fascinated by the human body. After meeting my doula (who helped deliver all three boys) she has completely opened my eyes into the world of birth! And I.AM.OBSESSED! So if you have any questions at all about birth or want to talk about your experience, I'm all ears!

When I'm not photographing, attending births, or "moming", I love hiking, country dancing, going to brunch with my girlfriends, and getting some spa time in. Arizona has so much to offer and as a family, we love exploring it and going camping.

a little more personal...

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I want to empower moms and make them feel pampered for all the extra work they are doing. As a new mom, I know how stressful it is to plan outfits for the entire family, pick a date and time that works for everyone, find the perfect location and hope no one has a meltdown. I strive to make my sessions stress-free! Let me do all this work for you! 

I value the moments that are real and raw. The moments that you cannot imagine not being able to relive. That's why I'm here, so that you can relive those days, over and over.

My Philosophy

During a newborn session, I want you to feel at home- kick up your feet and enjoy a HOT cup of coffee. You deserve it!

As a veteran mom of 3 boys, trying to find the perfect products and most useful tools in the beginning was so hard. So much wasted money and time. We purchased things that we never once used.

I wish I had this guide as a new mom, or even expecting my next to eliminate the trouble of finding products that I love and use often!

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