My top 5 favorite baby items

I know there are a ton of carriers out there, I tried SO many of them, but this one is amazing! I loved it because it was so easy to put on and take off, unlike some wraps that have 10 feet of fabric that you have to wrap this way, then that way, then this way again all while the fabric is dragging on the floor. The Boppy just clips around your waste, then you slide your arms through the straps, then wrap once around the bottom! It’s also made from fabric similar to yoga pants!

It’s a silicone diaper cream applicator. So instead of using your fingers, this is way less messy! And so easy to clean. Dads especially love it!

Again, there are a tooon of swaddles out there and again, we’ve tried them all! We found that the Halo Sleep Sack was the best one for us. It was easy to put on and kept the babies wrapped up sung! We loved the ones where all you do it stick their arms through the holes, zip it up then Velcro the blanket shut. The zipper also made for easy diaper changes in the middle of the night! Another great feature is that it helps transition baby from their hands being swaddled down to being outside as they start to roll.

This is a “breast pump” that just suctions to your breast and catches the excess milk from your letdowns, the milk that would have otherwise been wasted in a breast pad. You feed baby on one side, suction this to the other side (it is not painful or bothersome at all) and you could get up to a few extra ounces!

02. Bum Brush

01. Boppy Carrier

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03. Halo Swaddle

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04. Haakaa

05. Maeden Diaper Bag

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With three boys, I've gone through my share of diaper bags. This one has been my favorite so far! It has 13 pockets all together, including 2 insulated ones for bottles or waters! It's roomy enough to fit all three boys stuff in there- extra clothes, diapers and a few Paw Patrol toys! My favorite thing about this bag is that it can be a backpack, shoulder carry or crossbody! So depending on what kind of day we're having, I can easily adjust it.

I also bought one to use as a camera bag! Holds my camera, lenses and laptop!

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Being a new mom can be overwhelming. There are so many different products out there and I have tried so many. I hope this list of my favorite products helps you! I'd love to hear if you've tried any of these or plan to try them!

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